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Auto Tire And Wheel Services

a mechanic works on auto tire and wheel servicesIt doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you have; its tires are just as important as a healthy engine. Without either, your vehicle will not go. Tires are how your car, truck, or SUV holds the road. Their condition and longevity are keys to performance. Alignment, suspension and steering, tire pressure, and driving conditions all affect the condition of your vehicle’s tires. Likewise, quality tires impact nearly all aspects of a vehicle functioning correctly. At Lockett’s Auto Care, our auto tire and wheel services can extend the life of your tires and replace them when necessary.

Our Auto Tire and Wheel Services

Several factors affect the wear and performance of your vehicle’s tires:

  • Balance: High speeds require high-performance tires. Terrain also affects what kind of tires will best suit your vehicle. But no matter what, tires perform best when balanced correctly. Wheel balance is the weight distribution between a wheel and tire assembly, radially around the hub and laterally around the circumference. Our technicians check the balance at every rotation.
  • Pressure: The tire PSI (pounds per square inch) rating is the maximum pressure a tire should be run at for the highest allowable load on the tire. Tire pressure should be checked regularly to prevent premature wear. 
  • Alignment: Improper wheel alignment negatively impacts the performance of the steering system. Misalignment of the steering and suspension contributes to abnormal and accelerated tire wear rates. Regular alignment checks are the best way to maximize tire life. Excessive edge wear, center wear, and shoulder wear are clues that another maintenance is needed.
  • Type: Directional tires are constructed in a pattern that requires them to be mounted in only one direction of rotation. This design provides better traction but reduces the longevity of the tire on most vehicles. Directional tires can only be rotated front to back and cannot be switched from side to side. This limited rotation ability can lead to adverse wear patterns and diminished service life. Choosing a tire with an asymmetric tread pattern is an excellent way to balance performance and maintainability.

Tire and Wheel FAQs

When the tread on your tires is too worn, it is time to replace your tires. It is recommended that once the tire tread approaches 2/32” that tire should be replaced. A common method of checking tire tread on your own is by sticking a Penny in the tire; if Lincoln’s head is fully visible, your tire does not have enough tread.
It is recommended that tire rotations be completed every 5,000-6,000 miles to ensure even wear on your tires.
Depending on the extent of damage to a tire, such as a hole created by a nail, the tire may be plugged using tire plug materials. If the flat tire is due to damage to the wall of the tire, the tire will need to be replaced.


Tires are a key part of your car, truck, or SUV. Depending on what you want to get out of your vehicle, having the right tires can help you achieve that. Letting our tire and wheel maintenance suffer can lead to other components of your vehicle underperforming or becoming damaged to stress or strain. Reach out to Lockett’s Auto Care to get the auto tire and wheel services you need today by calling 410.744.4328.