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Suspension And Steering Repair Services

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Our Lockett’s Auto Care team provides suspension and steering repair services to keep your vehicle running smoothly. We have years of experience with tie rod, ball joint, and sway bar repair in Catonsville. Learn more about how our suspension and steering repair services can keep you on the road by calling 410.744.4328 today.
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Suspension & Steering Components

For tie rod repair in Catonsville, reach out to Lockett’s Auto Care for our suspension and steering repair services. Our team has extensive knowledge of suspension and steering components, including:

  • Tie rod – One of the functions of tie rods is to attach the steering rack and pinion to the knuckle of the steering arm. They also control the tracking and steering of the front wheels.
  • Rack and pinion – The rack is key to the suspension and steering system. It has a cut gear surface on one side, which engages into the pinion. 
  • Swaybar link – Swaybar links connect the opposing sides of a vehicle’s suspension and keep the car riding smoothly. As swaybar links wear down, you can usually hear a knocking or rattling noise inside the cabin when traveling over uneven pavement or bumps.
  • Electronic power steering (EPS) – Electronic power steering is found in most newer vehicles and uses electric motors to drive the rack and pinion assembly. When the EPS isn’t functioning correctly, bring your vehicle to Lockett’s Auto Care, and our team will correct your steering as part of our suspension and steering repair services.
  • Intermediate shaft – The intermediate shaft connects the steering column to the rack and pinion. Some intermediate shafts are a single piece, while others consist of multiple parts.
  • Ball joints – Ball joints are a component of the steering and suspension that change according to driving conditions. When the ball joints become worn over time, wear and tear is transferred into other chassis components. Our Lockett’s Auto Care team provides ball joint repair in Catonsville to ensure a smooth ride.

Ball Joint Materials Matter

Ball joints today are made from high-tech synthetic materials instead of the rubber that was used in years past. These materials allow the ball joints to last longer and endure higher temperatures than rubber ball joints would. Also, modern ball joints have the boot sealed to the base of the stud. This cuts down on friction and helps to keep the boot in place.

Ball Joint Inspection

Proper inspection of a ball joint is crucial to maintain your vehicle. Ball joint inspection is one of the many suspension and steering repair services that we provide at Lockett’s Auto Care. We can also install new ball joints, if necessary. Our trained professionals will find the exact ball joint needed for your vehicle and install the ball joint without over-tightening, which can cause further damage.

Suspension and Steering FAQs

Difficulty turning the wheel of your vehicle may be due to a power steering problem such as low steering fluid, worn parts, or a steering fluid leak. If this problem is not fixed, steering problems can worsen, leading to difficulty controlling your vehicle.
Loose steering wheels may be caused by worn parts in the steering system. A loose steering wheel can also signify failure in the vehicle’s steering system and should be checked out by a professional.
A common cause of steering wheel vibration is an imbalance between the tires and the wheels. Warning signs of tire/ wheel imbalances include greater steering wheel vibration with acceleration and traveling at higher speeds. Scuff marks on tires due to hitting objects such as curbs can contribute to tire/ wheel imbalance.

Keep Your Car on the Road with Our Suspension and Steering Repair Services

At Lockett’s Auto Care, our suspension and steering repair services ensure that your vehicle runs at peak performance. Learn more about our tie rod repair, sway bar repair, and ball joint repair in Catonsville by calling 410.744.4328 today.