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Clutch Repair And Replacement Services

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a mechanic works on clutch repair and replacement servicesIf your vehicle has a manual transmission, then maintaining a well-running clutch is key to optimal performance. Your clutch operates two shafts where one is connected to the transmission and the other the engine using friction. A pressure plate is engaged and disengaged whenever you use your car or truck’s clutch. This is what allows a vehicle with a manual transmission to switch between gears. Thus, having a location in Catonsville, you can trust clutch repair, clutch replacement, and other manual transmission services. At Lockett’s Auto Care, we offer extensive clutch repair and replacement services.

Clutch Inspection and Clutch Replacement

The clutch has two primary purposes. The first is to disconnect the engine from the transmission allowing it to remain running when the vehicle is at a stop, and the second is to allow for a smooth transition in shifting gears. Construction of the clutch assembly dampens and absorbs engine impulses and drivetrain vibrations.

A clutch assembly consists of a clutch disk splined to the input shaft of the transaxle. When the clutch pedal is pressed, a throwout bearing is forced against the fingers of the pressure plate, which is bolted to and rotates with the flywheel. When force is exerted on the center of it, then pressure is released. With the pressure removed from the clutch disk, the engine can be operated without transferring torque to the transaxle, permitting shifting.

During our clutch repair and replacement services, our technicians inspect all transmission parts for cracks, heat damage, pilot bearing, and other potential issues. We then inform you of your options, so you know exactly what your vehicle needs.

Signs Your Vehicle May Need Clutch Repair or Replacement

There are usually five signs that your vehicle’s clutch needs attention. If you encounter any of these, the best course of action is bringing your car, truck, or SUV into Lock Auto Care for an inspection. Some common signs that clutch repair is needed include:

  • Slipping: A clutch may be slipping if your vehicle has difficulty maintaining speed or accelerating. A sudden increase in RPMs is also a sign of clutch slipping. This all means the clutch is having trouble engaging or disengaging the gears.
  • Rough shifting: A worn clutch can cause difficulty shifting gears smoothly or even at all. Most notice this sign of needed clutch repair when shifting into reverse or first gear.
  • A burning smell: Worn clutches produce friction, which in turn results in a burning odor. Heat and friction wear down components, and the longer it’s allowed, the more damage is done.
  • Clutch pedal action changes: You may have a worn-out clutch if your clutch pedal changes position when engaging or disengaging the gears. Ideally, the clutch will engage when the pedal is an inch or two off the floor, but this is not the case if it has been damaged. If the clutch engages with too much or too little clutch pedal movement, or if the pedal feels soft or “spongy,” then it’s time for an evaluation and repair.
  • Jerking or harsh noises: If your car jerks into gear even when the clutch is used correctly, or if you hear strange noises while shifting, then there is likely oil or another contaminant stuck in the clutch or gears. Without proper repair, this minor issue can quickly wear out your clutch.

Clutch FAQs

Clutch pedals sticking to the floor may be caused by a broken clutch cable, low fluid in the master cylinder, or missing connector rod.
A “loose” clutch, or clutch with little resistance, is commonly associated with a loose clutch pedal, damages to the release bearing or damages to the clutch fork, which can lead to more clutch issues if not addressed.
Signs that it may be time for clutch repair or clutch replacement are a soft or loose clutch that doesn’t provide much pressure when pressing on the pedal, slipping out of gear, burning smells, grinding noises, and a “stuck” pedal which occurs when the clutch pedal sticks to the floor after shifting.


If you believe your manual transmission vehicle has a failing clutch, it’s vital to get repair service immediately. Our technicians will listen to your issues, conduct an inspection, and even test drive the vehicle to better pinpoint the problem. No matter what, Lockett Auto Care will deliver comprehensive, affordable repair and service. Reach out to us today at 410.744.4328.