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Interior Body Repair Services

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a mechanic works on interior body repair servicesWhile it’s important to bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance and repairs when problems arise, there are also a series of smaller issues that can need attention. Interior body repair services are something you should avoid. Here at Lockett’s Auto Care, we can quickly and easily repair your car, truck, or SUV’s inoperative window motor, lock actuator, or shift cable. Whether it’s your car door interior, window, or door, we can smooth over cosmetic issues and fix issues arising because of damage, use, or age. You should seek an experienced facility that successfully performs these types of repairs if your family’s vehicle requires such services. Proper fit of any replacement components is critical to the long-term function of the repair. 

Interior Body Repair Services: Window Motor and Regulator

Repetition is usually the cause of most window motor damage and the need for replacement. The window motor is operated by either a master control switch or an independent switch. It only functions when the vehicle’s ignition is on or running. When this motor is damaged, or an electrical connection goes awry, windows can fail to open or be stuck in an open state. 

The power window motor rotates the regulator, which provides support and direction for the glass to travel. The window regulator is attached to the door and glass to control the opening and closing of the glass panel. Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper travel and fit of replacement window components and programming of express features on practical applications.

Gear Shift Selector and Steering Column

The gear shift lever and automatic selector are integral components of your car, truck, or SUV’s powertrain. This part of the vehicle receives signals from the gear selector assembly. Vehicles with an automatic transmission will allow the driver to start parked or neutral selector positions. It also incorporates the brake pedal position sensor. These sensors and switches endure frequent use and, because of it, can be worn down. They also can be damaged by debris brought into the vehicle or liquids spilled inside the console.

The steering column on modern vehicles is packed with comfort and convenience features and safety and feedback systems. A common component that requires service on many vehicles is the steering angle sensor. This sensor tracks the steering wheel’s position and relates its measure to the direction of the car. This is a vital component for the vehicle stability and control system.

The Airbag Impact Sensor

Safety and restraint systems (SRS) use a type of impact sensor referred to as an ‘integral sensor’ or ‘deceleration sensor.’ This is regulated by your vehicle’s electrical system’s computer module. These sensors determine when and how to deploy the airbags. A glitch or electrical system error can cause your vehicle’s airbags to deploy early, randomly, or not at all.


Nearly all vehicles now use electric power door locks. More and more are requiring no traditional key at all. Thus, when something goes wrong with the control switch, you can find it impossible to lock or unlock your vehicle.

Window, Doors, and Interior FAQs

Usually this is because of an issue with the seal around the window.
If your car window is not rolling up or down, there may be a mechanical issue with the window motor. Further, mechanical window problems may be caused by the glass falling off of the frame.
A part within your vehicle’s door may be damaged or has fallen off. Also, rust or dirt build-up could be an issue.

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