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Auto Headlight And Wiper Repair Services

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a mechanic works on lighting and wiper servicesThe lights and wipers on your vehicle allow you to see clearly at night and in hazardous weather conditions. At Lockett’s Auto Care, our auto headlight and wiper repair services ensure that you’ll have maximum visibility while driving. Learn more about our headlight repair in Catonsville by calling us at 410.744.4328. We also provide tail light repair in Catonsville so that you won’t get a citation that is easily avoidable.

The Importance of Auto Headlight and Wiper Repair Services

It is essential that your vehicle’s lighting and wiper systems are working correctly. Your lighting system performs several key functions such as:

  • Providing visibility at night
  • Signals to other drivers your intentions
  • Supplies light for viewing instruments in your vehicle’s interior

Also, your wiper system removes debris from your windshield to maintain visibility. At Lockett’s Auto Care, we provide windshield wiper repair in Catonsville to ensure that you can see clearly, even at night or in inclement weather. We can also provide a windshield wiper replacement in Catonsville, if necessary.

Common Symptoms of Light and Wiper Wear and Tear       

There are common symptoms that indicate that you need to come to Lockett’s Auto Care for auto headlight and wiper repair services. Typical signs that your car’s lighting needs to be replaced include:

  • Lights that dim as you drive
  • Rapid signal blinking 
  • Lights turning on and off unexpectedly

If a light in your car goes out, check the fuse first. If the fuse is functioning properly, then the bulb needs to be replaced.  Our Lockett’s Auto Care team can replace any bulb as part of our auto headlight and wiper repair services. Wipers need to be replaced if you notice streaking or chattering whenever you try to use your wipers. In most cases, wipers need to be replaced every six months. 

Lighting and Wiper FAQs

Replace your wipers when you notice streaks in your windshield when you use your wipers.

Every 2-3 years depending on how harsh your winters are and the amount of sun exposure your sun receives. For Instance, the wiper blades will dry out and crack faster on cars that are primarily parked outdoors in direct sun.


Ensure your safety with auto headlight and wiper repair services at Lockett Auto Care. We also provide headlight and windshield wiper replacement in Catonsville so that you can see clearly when you’re behind the wheel. Learn more from our team today by calling 410.744.4328.