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a person works on car battery servicesFor nearly every vehicle, battery charging and starting services are key components of proper maintenance and performance. Here at Lockett’s Auto Care in Catonsville, we offer battery drain services, a battery load test, and a parasitic load test to determine just what your car or truck needs. Our technicians can guide you through the process and give you the sensible maintenance options you expect.

How the Alternator Affects Battery Condition

A properly functioning alternator ensures you get the most out of your battery. Our technicians at Lockett’s Auto Care make sure the alternator receives the correct fielding signals, and we verify voltage output to the battery. 

A vehicle’s alternator charges the battery supplying current to all electrical components when the engine is running. The alternator creates enough voltage and current to charge the vehicle battery and supply the electrical loads with the engine running. 

What Is Battery Drain?

Battery drain or parasitic load is caused by electrical devices that use or draw current after the ignition switch is turned off. Pinpointing these devices and correcting the improper load condition prevents our drivers from being stranded.

The parasitic load of electrical devices is a small but continuous battery draw. Over time, it can vastly reduce the life of your battery. Our technicians conduct a battery load test to determine what sorts of strains and drains are affecting your battery. Using our specialized testing tools, we can identify an aging battery before failure.

Knowing When You Need a Starter Replacement

A vehicle’s starter must endure the tough demands of starting an engine in all temperature conditions. Extreme heat and cold weather can impact your vehicle’s starter and affect the condition of your battery. The repetitive high current and load placed on the starter can fatigue the components and lead to device failure. 

battery faqS

Weak cranking when you start your car. You may notice dashboard lights going dim, or a slow engine turnover. Weak headlight brightness.

Car batteries typically last between 3-5 years. Although the longevity of a battery varies depending on environment, usage, proper installation and any issues with other systems. For instance, a car battery will die faster if the headlights are left on after the car is turned off.

If you hear loud clicking, buzzing, or grinding when turning the ignition switch you may need to replace your starter if your battery is still functioning properly.


A healthy battery is vital to every vehicle. Our technicians can make sure your vehicle is running optimally. Whatever issue you are facing, you can trust us to give you an honest, thorough assessment with the fairest pricing around. 


Don’t put off routine maintenance. Alongside battery services, we offer the following:

  • Engine
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Emissions
  • Fuel system

These are just some of our services at Lockett’s Auto Care. Reach out to us today at 410.744.4328.