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Yearly Auto Maintenance Services

a mechanic performs yearly auto maintenance services for a customerRegular maintenance is critical in making sure your car, truck, or SUV not only performs well but ensures its longevity. Yearly auto maintenance services at Lockett’s Auto Care will make sure all essential components of your vehicle are running smoothly. Oil changes, air filter replacement, transmission fluid flush and refill, and other fluid checks are all part of our service. Scheduling regular maintenance appointments reduces the risk of expensive repairs.

Changing Your Vehicle’s Oil

Every engine needs oil to provide lubrication, cooling, and cleaning to its internal functioning. But oil degrades as it becomes dirty and contaminated from regular engine operation. The engine oil filter helps protect the machined surfaces and bearings in an engine. By removing particles, there’s less of a chance of buildup to cause issues. Neglecting to change the oil filter leads to excessive engine wear. It can, in extreme instances, cause engine failure. Replacing the engine oil and filter when recommended ensures proper and efficient engine performance and prolongs the engine’s life.

The Engine and Cabin Air Filters

The air filter removes dirt, dust, smoke, pollen, and other particles from being drawn into the engine. A clean, consistent flow of air is essential to proper engine operation for cooling and venting. A clogged air filter restricts air flow to the engine, increasing emissions and decreasing fuel economy. Routine replacement of the air filter ensures clean, unrestricted airflow into the engine to help maintain performance.

The cabin air filter functions in much the same way as the engine’s air filter, but for the air coming into the interior of your car, truck, or SUV. Routine replacement of the cabin air filter avoids potential obstructions and potentially eliminates odors from a dirty cabin air filter. Restricted airflow in the ventilation system can result in inefficient heating or cooling of the passenger compartment.

Transmission and Transfer Case Fluid

Transmission or transaxle fluid provides lubrication, cooling and keeps vital parts clean during operation. Filters for this fluid helps to prolong the fluid’s life. When transmission fluid becomes contaminated, it can cause shifting problems, premature component wear, transmission failure, and reduced fuel economy. All of this leads to expensive repairs at worst and the least increases the money spent on fuel.

Your vehicle’s transfer case allows it to be placed into a four-wheel drive. Transfer case fluid is what cools and lubricates the components in this case. Again, dirty or old transfer case fluid increases the risk of friction which causes wear and premature failure. Replacing the transfer case fluid at the recommended intervals helps ensure proper transfer case operation while in a four-wheel drive and prevents premature transfer case failure.

Importance of a Regular Coolant Flush

Engine coolant is necessary for an engine to operate at the appropriate temperature. Overheating can destroy components and drastically lower performance. Replacing engine coolant and flushing the cooling system at the recommended intervals ensures that the cooling system continues to perform correctly and that the engine is not in danger of overheating or freezing.

Maintenance FAQs

Whenever your vehicle’s Check Engine Light comes on, immediately schedule an appointment. For preventive maintenance, schedule regular service every six months to a year.
A check of all fluids but especially an oil change and brake fluid, examining brakes, tire condition, pressure, and alignment, battery quality, filters, hoses and belts, and condition of spark plugs.

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Don’t let regular maintenance fall to the wayside. Many automotive issues and problems arise because maintenance is put off. By calling 410.744.4328 and scheduling yearly maintenance, our team at Lockett’s Auto Care makes sure to keep your vehicle running smoothly.