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Exhaust System Repair Services

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an exhaust system needs repair servicesThe exhaust system in your vehicle is designed to remove harmful emissions and vent combustion gases. When the exhaust system isn’t operating properly, it can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance. If you need exhaust system repair in Catonsville, MD, Lockett’s Auto Care is ready to help. Our exhaust system repair services make us the best exhaust shop in Catonsville. Learn more about how our exhaust system repair services can improve your vehicle’s operation by calling our team today at 410.744.4328.

Exhaust System Designs

The two most common exhaust system designs are single and dual. For example, V-engines use a single exhaust system through a Y-shaped exhaust pipe. The pipe is Y-shaped to join the two manifolds of a V-engine. Also, in-line engines use single exhaust systems, which have exhaust ports on the same side of the engine.

Catalytic Converter

One of the most critical components of the exhaust system is the catalytic converter, also known as the “cat.” The engine fuel system of your vehicle must function properly to help the catalytic converter control emissions. When your check engine light comes on, it may be due to engine fuel trim problems, which inhibit the catalytic converter’s efficiency. Sometimes, replacing the catalytic converter is not the solution to the program. Your check engine light may come on due to engine misfires, which should be repaired before any type of catalytic converter replacement. Our team recommends an OEM catalytic converter when its replacement is required. OEM is an acronym for “ Original Equipment Manufacturer,” which means that the materials used to create the catalytic converter are from the automotive manufacturer. For catalytic converter repair in Catonsville, reach out to Lockett’s Auto Care by calling 410.744.4328.

Exhaust System FAQs

Typically this is due to muffler issues.

Sometimes this is a signal that individual parts like the muffler or tailpipe need to be replaced. Other times this can be a sign that something is loose or corroded underneath.

An exhaust leak is a common cause of exhaust fumes.

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If you’re searching for exhaust system repair in Catonsville, look no further than the team at Lockett’s Auto Care. We have years of experience repairing exhaust systems, and we can help you ensure that your vehicle is running properly. Learn more from our experts today by calling 410.744.4328.